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2024 Volvo EX30 Debut Confirmed For June 15 Debut

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Looks like Thursday Jun 15, 2023 the EX30 will debut.

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Zeekr sister model is out and testing:

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Looks really good I must say!

Front calipers look massive! Even the 430hp Smart #1 brabus is not equiped with such a kit.
Same camera under the side mirror as the EX90 ?
Volvo doesn't work on Zeekr cars, do they?
CEVT does, The volvo/geely spin off based in Göteborg which developped the XC40, polestar 2 + a bunch of lynk&co.

LynkCo to Zeekr are trying to create very different styles. They are on the fancy and wacky side. Volvo and Polestar are on the classic side and it is harder to tell between Volvo and Polestar than between LynkCo/Zeekr and Volvo/Polestar.
Zeekr seems to exists due to the poor EV sales associates with traditional car manufacturers in China,
Apparently to sale EV there you have to come with a tech oriented startup name.

Volvo EV sales is a mere 2% of its total volume in China in januari 2023
Compare to 25% in Europe or even 10% in the Tesla dominated US market.

The Zeekr 001? the 70 000 cars 2022 production was sold out some months after the brand was launched. Volvo? barely managed to sell 3 000 EV during the whole year on the chinese market.

IMHO the MPV things is a desperate move to try to boost Volvo image as a EV manufacturer with a regional specific vehicles.
51 kwh and 69 kwh battery pack.
max 480 km WLTP for the RWD 69 kwh
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1 - 9 of 238 Posts