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2024 Volvo EX30 Debut Confirmed For June 15 Debut

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Looks like Thursday Jun 15, 2023 the EX30 will debut.

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That's a good thing as it generates volume, which can keep the prices lower. Volkswagen group does the same with similar models from VW, Seat, Skoda and sometimes Audi, too.
Cool! I like! I wonder how much Volvo helped developping this.
So everything thinked and developed in China?
That explains EX90 interiors
Bad, sad.
  • The articles says nothing about China
  • The article says nothing about where the EX30 was thinked and developped
  • The EX90 sits on a different platform, that's a different story
  • Even if a platform is developped in China, it says nothing about where the interior styling was made. A minimalistic interior like the EX90 has, can also be designed/styled in Sweden. We have also seen such interiors in cars from USA, Germany and France.
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Some people can continue living in their Western bubbles, China has reached a level of advancement in automotive technology that can rival and even better established European brands in some areas. Wake up…
True. But to be fair, Bobberone didn't doubt the quality or the technology of the EX90, but the styling. European and Chinese customers do have different tastes, yet this doesn't mean that the EX90 was designed in China. Large, free-standing dashboard screens and smartphone-styled infoscreens behind the steering wheel are apparently a general trend in the automotive industry. They go away from the "cocoon"-like interiors with high consoles between the seats (as the Polestar 2 still has). They go towards airy/spacy interiors with flat consoles. I think that Tesla started this trend with the Model 3.
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I think Chinese cars have a certain look and feel to their interiors (and sometimes exteriors) especially if designed for the Chinese market. Just look at how Japanese cars place their mirros in a particular place on fenders and design cars for different markets, Chinese cars have an emphasis on certain material patterns and especially interfaces that are particular to China. German cars have their particular look and feel as do Italian cars. Volvo has a Scandinavian sense and they haven't lost it with the Geely ownership. Now if Volvo uses Geely's SEA that was developed in large part by a Swedish engineer. Chinese and apparently don't have any problem using some Western designers and engineers. And why not. The world is getting more global. But I think plenty great engineers and designers will come out of China as well. Where Chinese seem to be exceptional is making existing technologies more efficient and doing it quickly but I think they're utterly capable of making innovations of their own. Some Western people limit them and say they need to copy or steal Western ideas but I don't agree whatsoever with that. And all manufacturers use ideas from others.
I noticed that thing about Chinese car interiors as well. Just look at Lynk&Co interiors (which by the way aren't the same in their variants for China and for the EU). It seems to be like "give me every possible material, lots of it, at the same time! Give me huuuge screens, a lot of them!" When there is something about the EX90's interior that looks Chinese to me (i.e. designed for Chinese customers in mind), then it's the backlit wood. It's totally unnecessary, and I wonder if Volvo designers had invented this gadget if the EX90 wasn't meant to be sold in China.
Why ambient lighting though? It's just fancy, serves no purpose (as opposite to real overhead reading lamps). Isn't Scandinavian design the art of leaving things away and creating beauty through the material itself and the way it is crafted? In this regard, ambient lighting is per se not really scandinavian. It's rather something that some people expect because the competition has it.
Yep, it looks like it was designed as it is from the beginning (unlike the EX90 that looks like having been changed late in the product development). It closely resembles Concept Recharge (and thus, the front is a bit Polestar-ish). I like it even better than the XC40, although I'm not interested in buying one (wrong form factor, a Polestar 2 wagon is what I need).
What Volvo has to say about this:

Sky Mountain Slope Terrain Landscape

The name "EX30" is official now, and Volvo calls it a "small SUV"
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Tire Wheel Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle

Looks like that U-shaped part on the front that runs from headlight to headlight and above the air intake is not a shadow but a separate part held in a darker colour (or why not chrome or aluminum?).
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It's a different perspective. On a patent image, Zeekr X's overhangs would also appear longer. Same as Volvo EX30's overhangs appear much shorter in real-world images.
MPV will be presented as a concept in the Autumn and production spec at the end of the year.

3 new Volvos presented this year and 2 new Polestars.
2 new Polestars? I thought the P*5 comes next year and then the P*6 in 2026?
P*3 was presented last year 😉
Micro Machines!!! 😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Might have to do with the height (pedestrian safety)
Robin Page was interior designer at Bentley and came to Volvo as interior designer. He did an astonishing job as Volvo's new interiors got praised at least as much as Ingenlath's new Volvo exteriors.

I doubt that it was Ingenlath and Page alone who draw the basic idea of a new design direction. They have a team of designers for exteriors and interiors, so they are rather inthe position to chose and influence the direction of the brand design. Being a member of the board, it takes much more than being a talented artist. It needs leadership and management skills most of all, but also an understanding of car technology and car manufacturing. For example, the guy who invented the XC40 design wasn't Ingenlath or Page, but Ian Kettle who was then poached by Tesla.
I like the interior so far. The placement of the screen looks pleasant as in the Polestar 2, the shapes and materials look good, modern and unique (the freckled plastic has a look like some sneaker soles). Leaving away the glovebox was somewhat predictable, seems to be Volvo's entry to their ongoing competition with Polestar about leaving away things. That all-purpose center console remains me heavily of the XC40. When it was presented, they had very similar hand-sketches to show how it can be used for woman things.
the single screen unless is supplemented with HUD is a big deal breaker for me. I honestly dont know why car manufacturers are so scared of tesla that they need to copy everything from them. sad that new volvos no longer have an openable sunroof and this puny center display
In the teaser picture of the interior, it seem to me that there is a tiny screen behind the steering wheel. It looks so tiny like it could only display the speed and maybe the next navigation turn - essentially that's all you need. Maybe I'm also mistaking something else for a tiny screen. We'll know more soon.
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