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2024 Volvo EX30 Debut Confirmed For June 15 Debut

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Looks like Thursday Jun 15, 2023 the EX30 will debut.

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That's a Zeekr, not a Volvo or Polestar. It's nice and may look better than the Volvo, from the exterior anyway. Looks better to my eyes than any of the Volvo EX30 renders.

I don't really get Lynk and Co. or Zeekr. Zeekr is called premium and seems to have great performance. If it comes to Europe, why buy a Volvo or Polestar over a Zeek? What makes the Volvo or Polestar worth more money to buy and what makes them more premium?

I think Zeekr has stolen Volvo's thunder with this reveal. I don't know. There's something Polestarish about this Zeekr. Maybe the back but something about it is Polestar-like, unlike the overstyled minivan or the 001 sports crossover.
Cool! I like! I wonder how much Volvo helped developping this.
Volvo doesn't work on Zeekr cars, do they?
So now Zeekr has the Polestar 2's mirrors that move as a unit? It sure looks like they came off the Polestar 2.
Zeekr is high end, Geometry is low end EV. LynkCo will have mid-level EV too.
Volvo is luxury and P* is luxury sporty level.
Zeekr X (EX30, Smart #1 size) is just announced.
Geometry EV is based on old chassis, and don't know how long it will be kept.
All EVs will move to SEA platform as I can imagine.
The EX30 is luxury? I don't know.

The EX90 is on the SPA2 platform. Not sure about the future Volvos. Not sure what the Polestar 5 and 6 will be built on.

I don't like all these brands and Volvo basically looking like versions of the same cars of "lower" line brands. Volvos were unique even though owned by Geely. With an MPV that is based on a Zeekr and more Lynk and Co and Zeekr's looking like less expensive versions of Volvos, Volvo can lose that unique Euro brand position and just looks like it makes Volvo versions of a standard Geely family car. I'm all for Volvo using the shared platform if it is a good one but how is Volvo distinguished in terms of luxury, safety, etc. when there are very similar cars from another two brands in the Geely group? And how are they now European in feel when they have the same mechanicals as Geely and Lynk and Co? I realize L&C and Z are half Swedish but they look like Chinese designs and more suitable for the Chinese market.
The Zeekr 3 has a sleek, lower front. The problem with this render is the blocky front. It's an EV and lacks the cool, low front of the Concept Recharge. Volvo should take the Concept Recharge's front and put it on their new BEVs, including the illuminated logo. This render just looks like a slightly shortened, updated XC40. And it's the best one, IMO, so far.

Volvo isn't knocking it out of the park with their new designs like they have in the last generation if the production car resembles this car. I'm not sure Volvo will appeal to young people if they go blocky like this.

A few renders from Autoweek Netherlands. Looks like a mash-up between the EX90 and XC40. Way better looking than the Motor1 which looked like a scaled down version of the EX90.

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View attachment 181298

Sorry if this a repost.
CEVT does, The volvo/geely spin off based in Göteborg which developped the XC40, polestar 2 + a bunch of lynk&co.

The Polestar 2 and XC40 are on the CMA and yes, a lot of cars share it. But Volvo and Polestar should still have some signatures that distinguish them. The danger of all these brands is Volvo and Polestar can end up diluted. In a way, I like that Polestar has a development center in England that is refining its road manners. If Volvos drive like Lynk and Co's, why pay more for Volvo? If Zeekr's road manners are as good or better than Polestar, why pay more for Polestar? This is something Volvo should be careful about IMO.
This is what I don't like at all from the article.

Volvo has moved development work on sedans and the coming people-mover model to its Shanghai research and development hub, they said. That center, which has tripled its design staff to about 60 people, has recently moved to a new and larger building in Shanghai, one of the sources said.
The first of Volvo's new planned electric models, the EX90 battery-electric SUV, was unveiled late last year. It is expected to go on sale in early 2024.
Other battery-electric cars in the pipeline include electric versions of Volvo's main products – the XC90, XC60 and XC40 crossover vehicles and the S60 and S90 sedans, the sources said.
Those cars will follow Volvo's established, simple design cues, but the new van will target buyers in China and other markets with a more "emotional" design that builds from the Zeekr 009, which has a massive, LED-illuminated grille, one of the sources said."

I don't like any idea of moving Volvo's design to China. Volvo, up to now, has kept its Swedish sense by being designed and engineered in Sweden. Sharing platforms is no big deal and sending Volvo's tech to other brands is no big deal. But changing the design/engineering hub to China is something they've avoided. And I like the sedans anyway.

So, why have a Zeekr "premium" minivan for China and a Volvo one? The Zeekr one is $70,000. That's luxury money. Then what's the Volvo one. I don't see the point of the Volvo minivan. Swedes aren't about being "emotional," they're minimal, purposeful and sober in design. So, I don't like any talk of trying to transform Volvos into something they're not. I don't want to see Volvo's restyled Zeeker009 meant for the Chinese market. That to me is not a true Volvo.

Maybe I'll love what Volvo comes out with in the minivan. Maybe not. I just hope Volvo isn't trying to build up the company so it starts moving some of its operation out of its Swedish hub. I'd rather have a smaller Swedish Volvo than an expanded one that is Swedish flavored.
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LynkCo to Zeekr are trying to create very different styles. They are on the fancy and wacky side. Volvo and Polestar are on the classic side and it is harder to tell between Volvo and Polestar than between LynkCo/Zeekr and Volvo/Polestar.
But that Zeekr has Polestar's signature mirrors. That's something I thought would be unique to Polestar or Volvo. And the back of that Zeekr has a Polestar 3 vibe about it. If they remain distinctly different, that's one thing. But the differences seem to be breaking down now.

Also I still want to know why one would buy a Volvo or Polestar vs. a Zeekr or Lynk and Co. if they essentially are the same vehicles and drive the same. Maybe they don't. But from what I'm reading about the Lynk and Co. 1, it drives a lot like the Volvo XC40.
There are many people want to buy higher price cars, like any other fashionable stuff.
MB, BMW, Audi, Porsche sells a significant number of cars in China, Europe and America. That's where Volvo and Polestar want to compete. Of course VW sells more, in the segment where Geely/LynkCo is pushing.
There are no less expensive other brand versions of these cars, however. If you look at Lexus and Toyota, they have a lot of cars that are essentially the same car. Same platform, same dimensions. But Lexus ups not only the material quality but the ride smoothness and quietness and general refinement. To me, Volvo needs to feel much more premium to justify their price. Yes, the materials seem nicer in the Volvo (going by photos as I've never seen a Lynk and Co or Zeekr). But Volvo will need to do more to not have its less expensive versions take their sales where they're sold in the same market. That's not the case in North America, but could be in Europe.
Zeekr feels to me like a more affordable Polestar. It's being called a premium line. Lynk and Co. like a more affordable Volvo. The 09 is pretty premium. I'm not sure what Geely cars are, maybe somewhat like Hyundai? Geometry seem like more budget BEV cars. Yes, Geely lines can make sense in China but when exporting to Europe, not sure. I think Zeekr and Lynk and Co. in North America, should they ever come here, may take sales away from Volvo/Polestar.
I don't think Volvo's aesthetics and style fit the Chinese market. Yes, for some, you can make the wheelbase longer and some of the SUVs might have some appeal. But some homegrown Chinese brands are now building really advanced, premium BEVs. So something is shifting. I don't know if BMW, Audi, and the others are selling that great in China now either. This is a change that is hitting a lot of Euro makers.

Volvo may want to think of offering truly premium cars still priced less than the Germans but they may not be able to sell but so many. That's OK. 1 mil globally in a few years might be fine. And if you include Polestar as part of the group of Volvo/Polestar in Geely Group, they'll add some more. Volvo may be going all-EV too soon. Hard to tell as in China the infrastructure seems pretty far along and in some European countries it is as well. But in North America, maybe. And Europe is lagging in tech features behind China. Only Tesla is matching China and even Tesla's sales may be going down some so Tesla had to lower their prices. Hard to tell because there is so much fanboy noise around that brand.

Yeah, the Volvo MPV thing may not make a huge splash. You can't out-Zeekr Zeekr with a Zeekr in "Swedish clothes" that has an attempt at bling. Zeekr may be kind of Swedish in Chinese clothes. But, have to see what Volvo comes out with first. Then we'll see how the Chinese market reacts to it. Volvo may be better off with a very luxurious, extended wheelbase EX90 "Excellence" because it'll stand out. I think they should not have made it the 009 size, because it'll cost more and unless people see it as a much higher-rung product, what's the point of going with it instead of the Zeekr that already has a plush, modern interior and a ton of performance?
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So everything thinked and developed in China?
That explains EX90 interiors
Bad, sad.
EX90 is not developed and thought out and designed in China.
Ummmm no. It has been made clear that Sweden has full control over the company. It’s really getting tiresome to keep seeing these comments about “China” as nothing but negative. China single-handedly gave Volvo 11 billion dollars to build the SPA platform and look at the success. Why on earth does the location have anything to do with how the company designs cars? It doesn’t. Just like the quality of cars build in Chine are not only equal but higher because of newer technology.
I think Chinese cars have a certain look and feel to their interiors (and sometimes exteriors) especially if designed for the Chinese market. Just look at how Japanese cars place their mirros in a particular place on fenders and design cars for different markets, Chinese cars have an emphasis on certain material patterns and especially interfaces that are particular to China. German cars have their particular look and feel as do Italian cars. Volvo has a Scandinavian sense and they haven't lost it with the Geely ownership. Now if Volvo uses Geely's SEA that was developed in large part by a Swedish engineer. Chinese and apparently don't have any problem using some Western designers and engineers. And why not. The world is getting more global. But I think plenty great engineers and designers will come out of China as well. Where Chinese seem to be exceptional is making existing technologies more efficient and doing it quickly but I think they're utterly capable of making innovations of their own. Some Western people limit them and say they need to copy or steal Western ideas but I don't agree whatsoever with that. And all manufacturers use ideas from others.
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I noticed that thing about Chinese car interiors as well. Just look at Lynk&Co interiors (which by the way aren't the same in their variants for China and for the EU). It seems to be like "give me every possible material, lots of it, at the same time! Give me huuuge screens, a lot of them!" When there is something about the EX90's interior that looks Chinese to me (i.e. designed for Chinese customers in mind), then it's the backlit wood. It's totally unnecessary, and I wonder if Volvo designers had invented this gadget if the EX90 wasn't meant to be sold in China.
I think the backlit wood is Volvo's style of ambient lighting. It's still just one color, however. In the C40 there is lighting behind the plastic inlay.
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That's why it's important to have Volvo's design be centered and approved in Sweden. Yes, the designers may not be Swedes but they are still in the center of Scandinavian design and could feel it around them. I think it is color and texture as well as design that creates a sense of Scandinavian design. It is true that designers are located in different areas in most companies and that the same designers go from brand to brand.
Honda has become real conservative with design lately. They do seem to have different versions for Europe than for North America. Acura/Honda is being seriously challenged by more adventurous Korean designs. Toyota is taking a few chances with interior and exterior design. I guess both are still very reliable but inevitable complexity, especially with hybrid cars, makes for some maintenance headaches with some of their models. I've been taking Ubers and Lyfts in NJ sometimes and have been in a good amount of late model Hondas and Toyotas. I'm pretty impressed with the Toyotas in terms of solidity and ride comfort. The Hondas are good but not quite as nice. But the interiors are built to a budget and could use more style in both. The few Hyundais and Kias I've been in were more stylish, and nice as cars.
The "S" in SUV stands for sports but it doesn't mean sporty car. It means a utility car that can go in mud and unpaved roads for those living the sporting lifestyle. The cars that are popular now are crossovers and they're mainly bought for ride height.
To me, the EX30 resembles the XC40 and the EX90. However, it'll probably have a lot of dimensions in common with the Zeeker X. I'm not sure i'll be a reskin of it the way the Polestar 4 is a reskin of the Zeekr001. The side is already much different than the Zeekr. The window area is quite different. Inside, it looks like it has Volvo seats a portrait dashboard and we'll see what type of buttons it has when that's revealed.
Yes, SPA2 had to be ramped up. SEA exists already and can be produced much quicker. Plus China just does things quicker than everybody else.

I don't know about Volvo styling being conservative. It is in some ways with the SUV/crossovers. But I think they could have been less evolutionary with the EX90 and EX30. The interior of the EX90 shows more changes, however, to the previous cars though it does keep a few of the same shapes in some places.

I don't think Volvo is moving that slowly. Look how long it is taking Honda to get out BEVs. The mighty Toyota won't have a true BEV platform until 2026 and even their hybrids are hard to find. The transition to BEVs takes time. The South Carolina plant is making the cars now, but they don't have the volume yet and they're probably making them pretty slowly as they're ramping up and some issues will surface. It'll take even longer for it to produce the Polestar 3, and even the China plant is taking a while to ramp up the Polestar 3. I think Volvo customers are patient. But, yeah, the model line is aging so it is time for the new models to hit the streets. Still, I think the sedan and wagons are still sleek while the SUVs, specifically the XC90 and XC60, are looking a bit long in the tooth.
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