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Hi all, about to pick up my 2023 XC90 recharge from one of the dealers in Toronto.

Got quoted below for factory extended warranty. Plan to take the 8 yr/140k one. Wondering if this is good price or I should go negotiating more? It looks to be 20% more than the equivalent steingold options in the US (converted to CAD).
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As per the dealership, for MY23, only the hybrid battery is covered in the 8yr factory warranty and the onboard charger, ERAD or HVCH are not covered in the 8yr Canadian hybrid warranty from factory. Is it true from what you heard as well?

2. Prepaid maintenance, the price is C$1399 for 3yr or C$1999 for 4 yr.
3. Tire/rim protection - 5yr for $1495

What are your thoughts about these prices, anyway to get better pricing? Are they worth it?
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