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You guys have helped tremendously in the past...(long)

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I hope you can help me again!

My 95 850 T5-R has been in the shop for 11 weeks now and now the mechanic can not get it to start.

Here is what happened so far...
I took the car in for what was supposed to be a water pump replacement, a week before the appointment the car would not start, I checked the oil level and noticed the oil was "milky" (never failed to start before that the 3 months I owned it). I left the car alone and the next day it started. I had it towed to the shop suspecting head gasket.

The mechanic did a leak down test and verified head gasket. I had him change the head gasket, head studs, re-deck the head as well as replace the valves. He also replaced the water pump, timing belt, tensioner, cam seals and crank seal.

He then drove the car to his home and had no problems, the next day he was driving the car and the car died. He found that the rubber boot from the throttle body to the intercooler had a huge crack in it by the elbow. He then replaced the boot and now the car will not run. It intermittently starts but only runs for a second or two.

The computer (OBDII) test shows no codes and he has tested with a new cam sensor and new crank position sensor. The car gets fuel and has compression of 183 across all cylinders. He could get no spark.

It's getting expensive to have him keep throwing parts at the car.

Does anyone know where I can have him look next?

My next suspicion is the ECU, but I've never heard of one going sporadically, only going all at once.
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Wow 11 weeks, WTF. Check the coil, I have seen some that fail and trick you by still giving a weak spark when you test it. If you suspect ECU the only way to 100%check is with a break out box to check each pin/signal (dealer item). The other thing I can say is check not only the relay for the ecu but the wires at it, the relay is at the top of the rad on the rail/cover that holds the fan relay, it is beside the turbo hose and it is gray in colour. This with one of the wires broken or relay bad will not give codes in the system and no start. Other than that check your ground connections. I take it the car is not at a dealer. Good luck, I hate to see a fellow T-5R down.
Well, I finally got the car back on Sat. All I have to say is WOW. The car really performs now...I finally get what you guys are saying about the T5-R (the car all ways seemed "pokey"). I got the car sooooo cheap and ended up putting a lot of money into it to make it right. (Total w/ all repairs and purchase price now stands at $4950.00)
The car is so powerful now that the exhaust manifold is fixed (it was cracked and had to be replaced) the car will spin its wheels all day long.

The final problem turned out to be a flaky cam position sensor after all. Diagnostics would just check for continuity and that actually passed. We put a new one in and the car started right up!

I also got the correct rear spoiler and a remote for the alarm system (e-bay rocks) I still need to get the front R spoiler (previous owner kissed a parking block)

Cars coming along...hope to post some pics soon!
Wow, what a deal!! Glad to hear your up and running, it really is a good feeling to get your car back... what color is it?
It's black with a black alcantara interior and has the dark wood and 95k on it.

I still need to do a little work on the car. I need to replace the exhaust and the two O2 sensors (I understand these are rather expensive, so a cheap place to pick these up would be appreciated).

Does anyone know anywhere I can pick up a used T5-R front cover?

If you get Rolling, there are a ton of places to get oem/aftermarket parts cheap. Personally I keep going back to Borton Volvo (www.bortonvolvo.com) and speaking with Mark. He's been quite helpful and their prices are half of what my local dealer wants for 'em.
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