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You and Your Car

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This thread is to better associate your SS handle with your who you are and your car better. Please oblige to these rules when posting.

- Each member only can have one post in the thread.
- The post is to include just up to 2 pictures of your car and 1 picture of yourself; include your name.
- Resize the pictures if needed, giant pictures make it a pain to scroll through.
- No responses/replies in this thread; once again just for pictures only.
- Small description under your original post is welcome.

Stolen from the R forum and S40 forum.

FYI - To keep the pictures the same size, I'd recommend the following:

Upload your photos to Picasa Web Photos / Google Photos. Then, when viewing the photo in Google, click "Link to this photo" on the right. Then click "Hide Album Link", choose "Medium - 400px" for the size, and copy and paste the "Embedded Link" it gives you directly into your post.

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Re: You and Your Car (vivek9856)

Me (Vivek), my dog (Daisy), and my car - ****ter Gold 3.2 with Nav, BLIS, Sport, Climate - I think that's it. Maybe some other stuff.
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Re: You and Your Car (vivek9856)

"****ter Gold"

I never knew Volvo made that color.
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