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Some of you are probably familiar with the iPod whine problems I was having with the USA-spec adapter.

Using a properly wired cable fixed most of it, but then about a month or two later I started getting some strange noise during audiobooks and quiet passages. It could be reduced by turning down the treble, but it was still annoying. Not noticeable during normal music, and not related to engine speed.

Well, I finally upgraded to a 5G ipod from my old 3G (hard drive issues) and the noises are all gone! I suspect it was something to do with the path in the 3G ipod, or possibly impending failure of the battery and an overloaded charging circuit.

Either way, I'm noise free now, even during quiet pauses in audiobooks. If you're running an older ipod and have issues like that, you might want to try giving a newer one a try.
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