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Yeeha! That's my car!

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Who put my car on the header section of the forum?
Excellent taste, there...
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Originally posted by Simon Linton:
Who put my car on the header section of the forum?
Excellent taste, there...
Err...why you think that's yours? They all look the same.

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Ah oh~! Matt, you've been beaten. By 4 posts. PUawhahahahaa....
Hey Simon, if you look into the Project Car section, you'll find I'm partial to a red 854 with Volans.
. I found this press photo somewhere online (thus open copyright) and the car was basically isolated on a white background. Too bad it's not a big enough photo to add to our gallery, but it was big enough to make a good header.

Our R has been sold, it looks like, and will be picked up Friday. I'll miss it for sure, but putting one up like it in the 850 forum helps the pangs of jealousy for me of the new owner.

BTW, it isn't mine. Note the graphite Volans. Ours are silver. I think, from the bigger photo, that the interior is tan also, where ours is gray.
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When I said "my car" I actually meant "one identical to mine" - and now I find even that isn't true as the pic apparently has tan leather, not black/alcantara as mine has.
However, it's close enough for government work - and I've followed the project 850 saloon with interest.
If my car had the Volan wheels, that would be an exact repblica of it... except for the spoiler, no side turn signal lights, nor clear corner lights.

well, i guess it's actually nothing like mine... good try, though!

*maybe I just wrote this for a post* I'm not THAT far behind... hahaha
Simon, ours has graphite with alcantara suede also. Perhaps I mispoke, since this pic is definitely an R, I would bet it has the beige alcantara.

BTW, glad you like the car above. I'm a little partial myself.

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