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In my eternal quest to drive my bride crazy, I am installing an XM Commander XT in my 2005 XC70.

I will hook the XM Commander MT into my already installed iMIV. The XM receiver will go on the back of the glove box. It needs to be accessible to retrieve the mini tuner when I want the XM in the house.

Any issues with running the Power and ground for the XM receiver off the power and ground that I ran to the iMIV?

The antenna will be tried on the inside of front window (windscreen) in the upper right hand corner. If that doesn't work, I'll check out the reception from the dash top. If both of these options fail, I may actually follow the directions and put it on the roof (maybe in a Volvo shark fin). Or, I read somewhere about putting it under the rear bumper cover...any feedback?

The antenna for the home unit is just sitting between the glass and the screen on a south facing window. This works fine.

Now, where to mount the tuner? I've seen some locations from searches but am always looking for a disreet, but viewable site.

Mounting options
1. Center console, resting flat, behind the shift lever, facing upward. Not at all discreet but really fucntional.
2. Up on the ceiling console facing down. Very discreet but very hard to read.
3. On the vertical section of the dash that is immediately to the right of where the steering column goes into the dash. This location is partially hidden by the window washer stalk but is still visible enough for me.

Any and all PG rated comments appreciated.

I remain in the land of


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