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I have a set of 19” Vulcanis R design wheels and nearly new Michelin Defender tires for sale. Wheels are in very good condition - have a few small chips but not bent and clean up very nice. I can send more pictures just let me know. Still have TPMS sensors installed from our 2006 XC90. The tires have 8,000 miles on them and came from Discount Tire about 6 months ago. Tires have about 8 or 9 32nds of an inch of tread on them and are balanced and ready to roll.

I’m asking $1600 for the set. I have quite a bit more than that tied up in them but I need to get them out of my garage.

I am located about 30 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m not sure of shipping cost but if you want to try shipping them let me know. Thanks - Jordan

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