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Hi all,
First off, I'm brand new to this forum and have never owned a Volvo.
I'm looking for a used XC90 for my wife, IMO they are the best looking car on the road, and of course, Volvo has a good reputation for safety and reliability. I can find model years '05-'09 with low miles (between 50k and 80k) for a very affordable price (between $8,000 and $12,000). Seems cheap considering I can't touch a 4runner in that price range until it has at least 150k. Basically I want to know why such a nice vehicle with a high sticker price, when it's new, is so affordable now.

I have a few questions that I'm sure have been answered a hundred times, but I keep finding mixed results with my searches. Also please keep in mind, I'm new to Volvo and not handy in the garage.

My main concern is reliability, there seems to be some issues with these. I know to avoid the T6, but what about the 2.5T, 3.2, or the V8? any worries there?
Don't need it to be "fast" - coming from a 4 cylinder Honda Element, I'm sure I'll be fine with the power in any option.
I also don't have any use for AWD, except for the occasional trip into the mountains, but I'm assuming the traction control on the FWD is fine for my needs. (If my Mazda 3 works fine, I assume this will too)

I had initially thought that anything before '07 would be riskier (from my research), but if I avoid the T6 is there any known problems with the older ones?

I know maintenance is more expensive on a Volvo, but how bad? I know of a good indy Volvo tech in town that friend swear by, but would it be cheaper in the long run to buy a Pilot or 4runner and pay the extra 5 grand up front for one of those? Obviously it's comparing apples to oranges, but either one needs to get my family from point A to point B safely and reliably for the next several years. I always hear that Volvo's are bulletproof, can I reasonably expect a 10+ year old xc90 to hit 150-200k without any major major repair bills?

One last issue is that I can't seem to find any that are close to me. The ones I do find are a few hours away. they tend to get snatched up quickly before I have a free weekend to check them out, plus I'd like to get it checked out by a shop and that can be difficult on Saturday, especially when I'm coordinating the whole thing out of town... So... I'm considering going through a broker, assuming they can get some service records and a Carfax would anyone recommend this option? Any experience with this in general? I have a recommendation from a trusted friend, but still feels sketchy to me.
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