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Been trying to get rid of these parts for ages but I really need to generate some cashflow because I'm trying to move soon, so all prices pretty low and taking offers. Prices include shipping to continental US unless otherwise noted. Parts are from a 2003 XC90 T6.

Right and left lower taillights. Passenger side has small, nearly invisible crack (had trouble even getting it to show in pictures) and another scratch on the side. Driver side has one scuff. $120 each

Driver side:

Climate control module - $75

Turn signal stalk - $50

Wiper control stalk - $50

Rearview mirror module- $65
Kinda scuffed up

DIM - $80

Power steering fluid reservoir - $35

Both side view mirrors (only driver mirror shown in pictures) both good condition.

Driver side upper taillight - $40

I also have the oem fog light housings which were converted to Xenon. $150 for everything, or will sell the housings separate. Make offer.

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