A lot of automakers—Volvo included—will show off how good and tough their cars are by selling them to police forces. There’s another wing of the emergency services, though, that’s much more on-brand for Volvo. 

The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service (EHAAS) in England, after an “intensive” selection process, has chosen the Volvo XC90 as its ground response vehicle.

The XC90 will complement the EHAAS’s air services, particularly when the weather is bad and helicopters can’t fly.

“After extensive testing, it was found the Volvo XC90 was most suited for our operation both now and allowing for future changes,” says Cliff Gale, Director of Operations at EHAAS. “We were very pleased with the level of help and advice received from Volvo Special Vehicles.”

Given its crucial role, the XC90 has been modified at the factory to handle the higher speeds required of ambulance services. 

It was in part that speed that helped lead EHAAS to its choice, since getting to the accident quickly makes the job inherently risky, as Ian REger, Special Vehicles Manager at Volvo UK points out.

“We are delighted the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service identified the XC90 as the best vehicle to meet its ground response requirements,” says Reger. “Recent government figures on the XC90’s five-star safety package endorses its decision and underlines our confidence in the model as the safest vehicle on the road.”