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Just had my 5 year service on my 2007 D5 XC 90 here in OZ.

My wife, children and I love the car.

However on my last service visit the mechanic advised that he noticed a small oil leak from the oil pump and quoted AU$755 to change the oil pump seal to do the work. In addition to that they recommended that the lower torque rod mount be replaced as well and quoted AU$261.

The car has only done 59950km and was a bit shocked to hear this news. However I don't have any oil stains on the floor of my garage.

I asked if this hampered my ability to drive the car long distance on a road triop and he replied no.

So I am a bit puzzled if this a major item or if it is simply a ploy for me to return back to that mechanic.

Is this the start of a suite of problems?

Any comments are welcome.

Many thanks everyone.

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