I purchased the Luxury Urban Body Kit for my new T8 R-Design. The kit includes the front skid plate which I cannot use on my R-Design so I am putting it up for sale. These parts are brand new and were only removed from the boxes for the pictures. This front skid plate works for 2016-2019 (pre facelift) XC90 models except for R-Design models.

Included with this front skid plate I can also include the rear lower bumper trim and grill that is used with the rear skid plate. This will allow you to add the rear skid plate and tail pipes which you can purchase separately. New this kit is over $1000, offering for $750 now $600 or O.B.O.

These parts came painted in Denim Blue but can be repainted to match another color. Details on the kits pieces are below...

Op. No.: 86333

"Skid plate kit" contains the following products:

Skid plate, front bumper. A styling element for the front of the vehicle that gives a robust look and enhances the vehicle's attitude. A unique lower spoiler available in all exterior vehicle colors and which has a fully integrated skid plate in brushed stainless steel. In addition, a lower black painted grille is included with a unique pattern that replaces the vehicle's standard fitted lower grille.

Skid plate, rear bumper. A unique rear styling element which is highly visible and exclusive. It consists of a color-coded lower bumper section with an integrated skid plate in brushed stainless steel with fully integrated exhaust tailpipes at each end. These exhaust tailpipes also include unique double tailpipes that give a powerful and exclusive look.

Part. No.Description
39848666001, PrimedInstallation Instruction
39848669Ice White, 614
39848670Magic Blue, 467Installation Instruction
39848674Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
39837549Ember Black, 487Installation Instruction
39848677Crystal White Pearl, 707Installation Instruction
39848678Bright Silver Metallic, 711Installation Instruction
39848679Osmium Grey, 714Installation Instruction
39848680Onyx Black, 717Installation Instruction
39837557Luminous Sand, 719Installation Instruction
39792213Maple Brown, 722Installation Instruction
39792214Denim Blue, 723Installation Instruction
39792215Pine Grey, 724Installation Instruction
+ Skid plate, rear bumper
Part. No.Description
31650307For cars without "Towbar, hitch"
32259709For cars with "Towbar, hitch"
+ Protective cover, for cars with "Towbar, hitch"
Part. No.Description
+ Tailpipes
Part. No.Description
31414502-18, T8 AWD (B4204T35, B4204T28), Ch -358701
3220796818-, T8 AWD (B4204T35, B4204T28, B4204T34), Ch 358702-
31414502-18, T6 (B4204T27, B4204T29), Ch -358701
3220796818-, T6 (B4204T27), Ch 358702-
3220796818-, T6 (B4204T29), Ch 358702-
32207532T5 (B4204T20, B4204T23, B4204T26)
32207532D5 (D4204T11, D4204T23)
32207532D4 (D4204T6, D4204T14)

Volvo Skid Plate Accessory Listing