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Re: (Big Will)

Quote, originally posted by Big Will »
Assuming the car checks out other than the usual tune-up items, the heater core is not such a hard job. The evaporator is more involved if that is broken but even still, low 3s to me seems like a fair price for a 150K XC.

Just get the AWD system checked out - that's where you run into the most cost issues.
If you do the heater core yourself, it's about a couple of hundred bucks and a couple of hours of your time.
You need to find out if the AC evap has been done as that is not a job you want to tackle, 10 hours!+.
If everything else is OK, 3K is not all that bad a price for a GOOD XC but have everything checked out by a mechanic first, worth the 10 bucks
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