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I am looking into buying a 1998 XC70... Its white with the grayish colored leather. It has just about every option you could get. Its got the burl wood trim stuff just like my T5 power everything and premium sound. Basically its got everything that my 98 S70 T5m has (and it was loaded loaded brand spanky new about $39k)

Im sure some of you know that i crashed my T5 on new years eve and i have finally gotten it back. Seeing as i can no longer have comp/collision on my car unless i change my provider (i have redic low rates being 22 and having 2 cars so i dont want to switch until i have a full time job in june). Im looking to get something AWD so that the T5 can sleep in the garage in the wintery months.

The skinny...
1998 Volvo XC70
151,000 miles
Typical road chips ect but 0 rust anywhere. Im not sure about all questions to ask on what has been done or maintainted seeing as its AWD... It had its timing belt done up at 121k after they bought it (second owner). There are no oil drops under it and it doesnt leak anything that i know of or could see. I took it for a spin and it drove like a champ and had plenty of pep and handled fantastic. Rough idea what would this vehicle be worth if it was in decent shape???

The bad part is it has a broken heater core (the inside smells like coolant now but ill shampoo the rugs) i know that this is an expensive job to do but i figured if i bought it now i would have all summer to tinker with it and possibly fix it myself and save some bones. First off is this to big of a task for 1 man to handle? and second off now knowing that it has a kaput heater core what would the vehicle be worth... just for sh*ts and giggles i asked him rough price and he said maybe low 3's is that legit or no?

If there are any questions you could help me out to ask him it would be very helpful. He is calling me tomorrow with his records so i would like to be prepared to ask em some Q's
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