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Is it possible to swap a Webasto sunroof switch with a Volvo switch from the P2 platform?

Background story:
I have a 2005 Volvo XC70 which has been fitted with an aftermarket sunroof in The Netherlands. Possible from the dealership- who knows...
The sunroof is made by Webasto and it has it's own controller and small switch panel which has been mounted where the sunroof switch is regularly mounted.
Since I had other issues with the sunroof (read: it flew off while driving on a highway), I had to source some extra V70 sunroof parts. Long story short- I then found out that I was not dealing with an original Volvo sunroof but with an aftermarket product (?). Luckily Webasto had a safety recall on the sunroof and I got mine swapped out.
I now have a Volvo sunroof switch laying around from the P2 platform. I was wondering if it is possible to swap the Webasto sunroof switch with the Volvo one since the fore mentioned switch is rather flimsy.

So here are my questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with an aftermarket Webasto sunroof controller and switch?
  2. Is the Volvo sunroof switch just a dumb switch or will it only work with Volvo controller?
  3. Does someone know the pinout for the switch 9168160?

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I do not have any idea if this will work.
Here is the SR module wiring and info that may be helpful.
4/70 UEM, Rear view mirror
4/33 SR module This is the Volvo SR module and SR motor that would mount to drive the cables.
6/15 SR motor
3/117 Dome light assembly
3/25 SR switch.


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