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XC60 T6 R ( Overheating only when engine RPM is over than idling level)

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2011 XC60 T6 R ( Overheating only when engine RPM is over than idling level)

Hey all,

For the past couple of months, my car has shown weird symptoms.

It has a habit of overheating when the RPM is above the normal idling level. When idling it will always be at 90 degrees celsius and whenever I touch the gas pedal, it will accelerate to reach around 100 - 105. However, whenever I drive it slowly it will go back to 90 - 93 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, last week I decided to fix this issue so this is what have done so far:

1- Changed the radiator with original Volvo parts.
2- Changed the thermostat and the water temperature sensor with the original Volvo parts.
3- Changed the water pump with original Volvo parts.
4- Changed the radiator cap with original Volvo parts.
5- Make sure that the air in the coolant system is gone.
6- The fan is going as normal.
7- there is no evidence of engine oil mixing with the coolant.

and unfortunately, the issue is still present.

I have uploaded a video in the following link describing how the temperature is rising.

Also a video of the water tank after releasing the gas pedal

If you have any idea what might cause this problem? please do not hesitate to let me know.
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Swap out the cheap module for a Gates Module. They are known to be the best 3rd party ones.
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