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Hello All!

I have owned/driven countless old cars and heard all kinds of noises, but this one is new to me. My 2010 XC60 is making a sound which I can only describe as being similar to an old wheat thresher, but it only does it under specific conditions. The noise happens after a cold start, in all gears and park, and gets worse until I get above 1500 rpm when it goes away, but immediately returns when I let off the gas. After driving 10-15 minutes, it goes away. If I park with the front uphill, it does not make it. The sound is coming from the passenger side engine compartment and can be heard easily inside the car, but typically not from the outside. I can feel a little unusual vibration in the gas pedal, but nothing else.

I am hoping this is a relatively simple lubrication issue, but the searching I have done suggests a motor mount, timing belt tensioner, vacuum pump, and several other things.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your feedback, I do appreciate it!
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