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Well I finally got to pick up the new car. A white 3.2 AWD w/ platinum, climate and Bliss.
It was a fun experience picking it up in Sweden and driving it to Germany.

I am quite happy so far. It might not be the perfect vehicle for me but I think it will make for a fine cruiser and the room is useful (as for when my wife deciding it was a good idea to buy a big leather lounge chair while crossing Danemark!)

Here are some personal notes I wasn't not sure about before actually driving the car.

My pluses:

Great leather. I really enjoyed it so far.
Power is very adequate for quick starts and shorts passes. It was a good surprise.
The nav is actually ok (I was worried)

My minuses:

(I list more that pluses because you always notice more what you'd want different but I am really enjoying my car)

Handling is heavy, especially around thing like roundabouts (my first SUV). Ouch. That's gonna take a while to get used to.
Despite 240 HP, the car doesn't cruise well above 100 mph (a significant part of my driving). You really feel like you're pushing into the wind and the heft is noticeable on long hills. A little disappointing but I'll just drive slower I guess ;) It might be a good idea anyway because the car doesn't not behave well at all at higher speed (100/110) with any cross winds.
The stock tires are not M+S which means I need new tires to install by winter. Not that big a deal as I prefer full winter tires anyway but I was hoping to use up the stock one first, slap some winter one on the small rims and put real summer tires on bigger wheels.
The voice command is nice but it needs more commands. Basic thing like "Navigation show map" (may be I did not figure it out yet).

The expected:

22mpg so far for the first 1200 miles.

The upgrades:
Anybody gets such springs: http://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/eibach-pro-kit-springs/volvo/xc60.html ? Would it help with the body roll? I don't think I need the full clearance while in Germany. I'll gladly use it again when back in the US (cracked 3 oil pans in my old passat wagon)..

I think that's it. So yeah I probably would be better off with a regular wagon but that thing is great and it looks really good too! :D
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