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Hi all, new member here and to the Volvo world! Sorry if this is a duplicate question, but no matter how much I went up and down in the forum I couldn't find a solid solution. Please help me if you can. Thanks

I got 'low battery' message on my newly bought 2011 XC60 since I got it. At the same time remotes' buttons wouldn't work. Checked the battery, had corrosion on terminals, but battery and charging voltages measured fine. To be on the safe side bought a new battery, cleaned all terminals/cables and put everything back. Good news, remotes' buttons started working right away, very strong, and from far away :cool: ..... wait for it .... but car would't start 😭 🤦‍♂️ so took it to the shop in the evening and next day and $200 later it was ready! Diagnostic: something was wrong with Negative terminal (I doubt they even touched it cause I had put grease on terminals and they were intact!) and battery memory needed a reset!

Anyways, I picked the car and noticed the problem with remote's buttons not working had come back! As I needed the car I decided to use it as it was till I have time to fix it. (Oh man, locking/unlocking this car manually is a whole process..)

Today, I thought to clean up negative cable on its chassis side for a better connectivity. Did it and not-starting-problem came up all over again! 😰 .... but remotes' buttons are working again now 😀 (is this common in these cars that you have to choose between either engine running or remotes working!?.... lol, kidding)

I did BMS reset, maintenance reminder reset, checked and cleared all fault codes (no related codes where there)..... but nothing fixed it.

I'll call the shop to ask him what he did to fix it last time, but in the meantime (or if he didn't give me an answer) could you guys please share your solutions and thoughts? Much appreciated

Ps. I really need to fix this soon before gf looses faith in me! 🤪🤭
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