Volvo has been filling gaps in their lineup with compact crossovers and more compact cars. Now the brand may be looking to add crossover coupes to the lineup. Once electrification is complete, that is.

Auto Express was speaking with Volvo Senior VP Lex Kerssemakers about where the brand was planning to expand from the XC40. He said that "we cover 98 percent of the segments, so it’s more likely we’ll go further into the depths than expand."

So does that mean going after the increasing number of coupe-like crossovers on the market like BMW's X6 or the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe? "Potentially, but not in the short term," Kerssemakers said.

The clue comes from a recent Volvo trademark for the XC50 badge. There isn't much room for a crossover that's sized between the XC40 and XC60. What there is room for is an XC40-size crossover with a sleeker coupe-style roofline.

Any new crossovers won't be the first thing on the automaker's to-do list. There is a new S60 on the way shortly, plus the 40-series cars are likely due for a refresh to match the XC40. There is also Volvo's plan to electrify all of their models by next year. Once that is complete, work could start on a new crossover coupe. Or more than one.

[source: Auto Express]