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Hello folks. My xc40 was stolen and recovered and I made the mistake of offering the insurance company to purchase back the vehicle for the reason listed below.

After taking possession of the car I found out that the ADSM module behind the rear view mirror, the interior light module, the rear view mirror with all the covers have been ripped and stolen from the car.

The instruments console is also off as well as the centre console. The Center console however switches on and back off after 10 seconds.

I took the car to a Volvo dealership and they told me that they are unable to read the ECU from Vida. They are not sure if it is there Vida System or the car itself.

All the fuses have been checked and working.

My Questions are:

1 - Are there any Diagnostic Tool that can be used to connect with the car 2 - Can it be possible for the instrument cluster to go off because the ASDM is missing, as the dealer suggested.
3 - Can I buy a second hand ASDM and have it reprogrammed to the vehicle. I have been told that it is tagged to the Chassis number.

Can anyone suggest the best approach to fix this car without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg by going to the dealer.

Your comments much appreciated


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