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Hi guys!

I just got a used XC60 T5 MY2010. loving the car lots but am in a sort of dilemma over tuning options.

In my area which is Singapore, there is the options of Custom/MTE/P* tunes which is the most common. Gonna be just doing Stage 1

I did a custom tune, it runs ok but i just feel that more can be obtained from the low end area which most of my routes involves lots of start stop traffic. I am currently getting around 6.8km/L and its scary (this is besides the topic)

but i can know from guys here whose on XC60 MTE tune or P* tunes, hows the performance from the low end / mid range? Does it moves linear and also wont be sluggish on tap of the throttle?

Boils down to either 1 of the tunes for a change (final try). I have no intentions to change out any of the parts, unless on wear n tear. Maybe n just Maybe a change in catback the most.

And also, can i assume safely that MTE stage 1 is a standard off the shelves map?

And and and.. i just can't seem to understand will P* have a great effect on the drive since the figures posted are drastically low.

Need lotsa help please!
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