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WTT: set (4) 18x8 Focus ST "snowflakes" + Volvo caps + ViVA adapters for P80/P2, for your Eudora/Nebula/Triton/Medusa/etc

Proposed trade: your clean Eudora/Nebula/Triton/Capella/Medusa/other 18" Volvo factory wheels for P1/P2, for my clean Focus ST wheels.

They have "Volvo" center caps and no rash, just a couple less-than-dime-sized paint chips on the outer lips from potholes.

PM me what ya got. I might be OK with mild to moderate rash depending on your wheel style.

If trading for P2 wheels you also get a set of 4 ViVA 15mm adapters (65.1mm to 63.4mm) needed to use these on your P2/P80, and the appropriate longer bolts. ($400 new)

If trading for P1 wheels I need to keep the spacers to be able to use your wheels, and you should be able to fit these to a C30/S40/V50 without adapters and with your stock bolts.

Tires mounted are el cheapo brand and have probably 25% life remaining.

Meetup and swap in person in the southwest USA strongly preferred. I'm in LA and have weekends off, so I can meet as far as El Paso, western CO, southern OR, etc.

Thanks and cheers.

pics: (1-3) my wheels, showing fitment on P2 (I'll take close-ups if anyone expresses interest), (4) similar wheels on someone's S40, (5-9) wheels I want (in order of preference: Eudora, Capella, Triton, Nebula, Medusa)

edit: mods feel free to move this to wheels/tires !
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