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So I bought these locally, they are in pretty good shape, no real rash or anything. I will take better pictures later.
I just have been thinking about it, and I don't think I really want to buy spacers, and if I do I have a ton of 5x114.3 wheels I can use, so I would just buy adapter spacers instead.

Anyway, asking price is $300, I think that's fair as the others I have seen are usually 350-400.

Price does not include shipping but shipping would be less than 100$

I would also consider traders for virgos + cash.

If I decide to buy spacers I will be keeping these, and I will make that decision on weds when I get paid, so let me know soon!

They would be shipping out from Colorado, I am new here but well known on zilvia and have shipped plenty of wheels there.

I am also willing to accept partial or full trades for anything I have listed here.
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