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Looking to buy a WORKING + DRIVABLE Volvo station wagon ASAP.
Prefer a 240 model but select 740/760/940/960s will do if they are in great shape.

My main purchasing points are:

*Within 200 miles of Fort Wayne,Indiana
*Ready to drive (Sorry, not looking for "project cars")
* CLEAR title
*Ready to SELL (Not interested in waiting for the "right moment". I was told this recently.
* Must have pics of the car (Exterior 360, Interior, Motor, Tires,Bed,etc)
* Prefer no wrecked vehicles.
* Recent timing belt is preferable (although not a deal breaker)
*Will buy a 4-speed, but would rather have a auto (Again, not a deal breaker)
* Few, if any, major issues inside or out

I have owned six Volvo (currently own a 940 wagon that's running and unfortunately own a 2001 XC-70 that is on its last legs) and it's my car of choice.
Motivated buyer ready to make a deal.
If you have a solid vehicle and you are close we can make the sale the SAME DAY.
PM me ASAP or reach me at Seven-three-two five-two-two three-two-five-three (my cell)

Please don't waste my time.
I won't waste yours.
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