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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum.

I am in search of a new vehicle and what I would like is a second generation S40 with the following specifications:

Volvo S40
2.5L turbocharged 5 cylinder engine
manual transmission (M66 6 Speed?)
all wheel drive
white exterior color
sun roof
rust free
in good condition

I would prefer these features / qualities, however they are not totally necessary:
2010 model year
lighter colored interior
a straight body with no dings, dents, creases, hail, etc.
No cigarette smoke
less than 200,000 miles
a clean title
no accident history
NOT R design

If you think your S40 fits these criterea and you're willing to sell it, please let me know. (it will go to a good home)
I know this is a rarer combination, but I will pay a premium for the right car. I also have referal money available if you help me find what I'm after.


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Bump. I'm still looking, but thanks for all the LEGITIMATE responses that I have received thus far.

I must clarify two points.

First, I really must insist that the exterior paint color be white.

Second, the referral money that I promise is reserved for whoever connects me with a car that I actually buy.
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