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So, I just picked up a Garrett tb03 with manifold.
I also picked up a oil cooler with lines.
I am trying to get the bare minimum I need to boost my car before an even on the 30th.
The JY's here have NO turbo cars at the moment.

Car is a 1987 245. Just to reference for the part it matters on.

Things I need: (If anyone can think of anything else, please let me know!)

Water and oil lines for the turbo (although I can make these if I can't find some, and I am new to Volvos, does the oil cooler go in line with the turbo and replace the feed and return lines otherwise?)
Water and oil necks for the turbo.
Down pipe.
Compressor bypass valve (need this one badly!)

Turbo rad hoses.
brakets for the intercooler and radiator.
Intercooler piping (already have a stock intercooler)

Things I would Like to have/don't have to have 100% for the event:
expansion tank
expansion tank hose
Turbo ECU
VDO boost gauge
Turbo injectors
injector ballast
A new tach (the one I grabbed at the JY was fried :/)
VDO Oil press gauge
5x108 spacers, bolt on only please. at least a pair, and at least +25mm (I also wouldn't mind 5x108 to 5x114.3 conversion adapters.)
A bigger swaybar than the stock wagon one.

That's all I can really think of ATM, But I am sure I need more.
I can start sending out payments on the 13th when I get paid, unless it's a smoking deal, then I can pay you immediately.
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