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2007 Volvo S40 T5 AWD
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Hi Everyone!

I'm a long-time lurker/enthusiastic who has owned and maintained a 2007 S40 T5 AWD since 2013 with the help of this forum. Little by little I've been investing in my car, fixing things here and there with the intention of keeping my 'Vo on the road for a few more years.

Next up, I'm looking for a set of aftermarket lowering springs with the intention of eventually combining them with a new set of Koni yellows in the front and KYBs in the rear (thanks for the idea, MNIWT!). For context, I recently refreshed my front end suspension, with only the struts and springs pending. But I'm also open to any suggestions!

I'll be making a post soon on the main thread documenting all that I've done to my car (mainly for documentation purposes for myself, but also for all you to enjoy, of course!).

Thank you all very much for reading and for your advice/expertise, and I of course appreciate any suggestions!

- Nacho
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