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Looking for a set of 18" rims to fit some snow tires. I'm located in Los Angeles (Near LAX); and regularly head towards San Diego / Escondido.
The Stock fitment is a 18x7.5, ET +50.5, CB 63.4.
These seem to fit the bill, based on the Volvo Part info,a and what I've seen on the snow tire threads here.
Part number Name
31428595 "5-Double-Spoke"
31680354 "5-Double-Spoke"
30795725 "5-Spoke Silver Alloy"
30795724 "5-Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy"
31454271 "5-Y-Spoke Silver Alloy"

There are some options that I'd consider as well. Volvo seems like they used to have cool names for the wheels, so I've put the name, and some PN's I've found for those wheels. There are other PNs within these families, but seem to be just color options, and I'm not feeling picky on color.
"Atlantis" - 8637462; 30639519; 30748519
"Nereus" - 30748374; 30748373
"Notos" - 30756206; 30756400
"Situla" - 31202515
"Mantus" - 31200896
"Merac" - 31201775
"Minos" - 30760068
"Zephyrus" - 31269420

Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm not in a rush, hence I'm looking around rather than buying from IPD or the dealer. Hoping I can help someone clear out some garage space!
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