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Got wheels sitting in your garage, basement, under your deck, shed and the wife, girlfriend, mother :eek: is giving you grief for turning her house (look face it, the house is hers, you're lucky to get the garage or the basement to yourself) into Sanford and Son's junkyard?

Have I got a deal for you. You have wheels, that match the photo below, I want those wheels. I don't need a set - in fact I just want one or two wheels.

Maybe you destroyed one thanks to a curb (or tree if you live in Florida) that jumped out and bit your car. It was totally not your fault but you've decided as a result to go another direction. Maybe you want to be like all the other cool kids who are making stance a noun in the Volvo owner's dictionary with BMW or Audi wheels.

I have cash, you have a UPS store or USPS office nearby. I send you money over Paypalz and you send me the wheels. Wife, girlfriend is happy fixes a nice meal for you and offers a night of sexiness. Maybe you're smart and spend a little bit of the money on her rather than feeding your Volvo addiction. If it's Mom, she doesn't kick you out of the house but instead offers to do your laundry for you. Win win win situation.

Looking for 1 or 2 decent shape OEM 18x8 BBS Nebulas. If you've got some sitting around gathering dust and wondering what to do with them - drop me a PM and hit me up.
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