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WOT boost problem

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Hi, I'm a new owner of a R, i got it 3 month ago. I got a problem since i got the car. When i go WOT i got something like cut off/ missfire from 2500-4500 RPM. I don't have any probleme between those rpm when a drove it normaly. I have change: tcv, spark plug, cbv and i don't have any issue. I haved connect my car to VIDA today and he see nothing wrong. I don't know what i could try so i need your help ! All the mod's are in my signature.

P.S. Sorry for my english i'am french canadian
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Okay UPDATE, Chap brought his car over today, we swapped MAF's and the problem still persisted. When we went for a drive i monitored his fuel psi with my scan gauge, no drops. The cut out is definitively boost related and not misfire/coil...
In my opinion it sounded like the CBV quickly opening and closing letting off pressure. We checked the vac lines they seem fine and he has a brand new TCV.

Were are thinking something to do with the wastegate that's been affecting it since pre-purchase. One of our local volvo quebec members has an ipd adjustment tool, well try and borrow it..

Thank you all for your input. Mucking around with his car tonight has given me the motivation to install my fmic tmr :)
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