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Work brand wheels

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Anyone here have any experience with this brand of wheel on the 850 (or any other car)? I was offered a set of 18" Work wheels (style unknown) for what looks to be a very good price, but I have no familiarity with this brand. Any and all comments welcome.
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I know they are very popular among the import scene. And there is nothing wrong with that~! Who says you need to put 'european' wheels with your volvo to have it looking sharp?
I got a set of Volk III on my car, never had the problem...just lots compliments. You probably want to check to see if they have the right fit for your car. Most of the time, they won't fit our cars.
Luckily Volk Racing was willing to do custom drilling for mine. Or you can always buy them blank and have some machine shop do it for you.
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