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Re: Won't start (dreesemonkey)

Yep, your battery is bound to fail with a routine like that. In fact your car really does not get an opportunity to heat the oil enough to purge the moisture from the crankcase...

The battery is without doubt the problem and everything should be fine once you install the new battery.

Okay, so I'm going to be bold and suggest that you take the longer route where ever you're going to allow the car a nice warm-up every now and again. Back in the day I had an 850 and <2-mile commute...I'd drive myself to a Starbucks a few extra miles away & and sit in the car with it running while consuming my coffee.
On the weekends I'd take the car on a long trip with friends to Annapolis to blow off the carbon and get it ready for another long week of short drives. The car had 264000 miles when I sold it in California some time ago and word has it...she's still running strong. So, do yourself a favor and get a coffee and take the long route in.

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