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Wires in rear hatch window

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I picked up a 2018 V90 R-Design over the weekend and am loving it so far. I traded in my 2008 C30, so it is a huge jump in comfort. As I continue to make excuses to go outside to look it it, I am noticing more and more little quirks. The most recent one to catch my eyes are two wires and clips located inside the rear window, towards the bottom. The are symmetrically located on the left and right side which makes me think they are supposed to be there, but being located so close to interior trim pieces which could have easily hid them from view, I’m wondering what they are and why they are there. Pictures attached for reference. Any ideas?

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Is it common to remove the trim pieces back there for some reason? Supposed to be an accident free vehicle. Maybe removed to replace wiper motor?
I could be wrong, but that doesn't look factory to me. Looks like it was left there intentionally, as some sort of quick disconnect, maybe for a rear dash cam?
Agree it doesn’t look factory for it to be exposed like that, but the fact that it is the same on both sides suggests factory. I did a poor job of explaining that in the original post, but basically the exact same exposed wire/connector on left and right side of glass. I don’t think it is for a camera as that’s generally just run down one side of the car.
Isn't that the connector for the rear defroster?
I’m out of town the next couple of weekends, but when I get time I’ll pull the trim off and follow the wires. Rear defrost and rear lights seem most likely.
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