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winter tires for xc7o

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I have a perfect set of Nokian hakkepellitta 205-55 R16 barely 3 months old from my SAAB 9-5 . Would these fit the Volvo 16" alloy rims of the 2008/9 XC70?. Does Volvo have alternately in accessories metal rims for thatXc70 that these tires could fit onto?
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Just found older message,not possible?

I found a message a few months old,which describes the tires for OEM 16" rims as 215.55R16. I guess the tires i have are too small in diameter. Can the odometer be calibrated to address a smaller size as 205.55R16? Any way around this so as to use the perfectly good and expensive Nokians? Of interest ,would they fit a smaller Volvo like the v50?
Apologies,OEM should read 215.65R16

Re: winter tires for xc7o (mechonit)

Isn't the stock tire size for the XC70 215/65R16? I know you want to use the good snows off of your Saab, but I think they are too small, especially if I am right about the 65-series OEM size.

I have 215/55R17 snow tires on my '09 S80, and THOSE tires look a little small for the car, so I would image your 205/55R16s under the raised body of the XC70 would really be too small.
Re: Apologies,OEM should read 215.65R16 (mechonit)

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Re: winter tires for xc7o (mechonit)

If you just go to this link, and punch in both sets of tires, (assuming the narrower tire even fits on a 16 inch Volvo rim or steel wheel that you get - 10 mm isn't a lot) you'll see that the diamter of the two would be off by about 8%. That's way too much. A few percent at the most would be acceptable.


Stock Tire - 215/65R16 Tire1 - 205/55R16

Whereas if you put in the stock 16 and the stock 17 (235/55 17) you'll see there's less than 1%.
Thanks for the responses.

I appreciated the replies. A friend plans to try the tires and rims on his Chevy. The 9-5 rims fitted a number of GM cars including the older Saturn L series and i am told the Caddy CTS. i will simply start from scratch with all I need with the Xc70
Re: Thanks for the responses. (mechonit)

I got lucky last fall and got 4 almost new Neptune 17"X7" Volvo OEM mags from a 2008 XC90. I got them on e-bay from a tire shop in California and paid $175+$80S&H for the 4 of them. I had to get hubcentric rings also ($12) since the hubs on the XC70 are a little smaller than the XC90 ones.

Maybe you will find a good deal also if you are patient. You have plenty of time before the next snow fall............................I hope...
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