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Hey guys back in December when I got the left hand side of my S40 painted. When I was putting the wing mirror back on the stud for the nut broke off & got it back on with the help of a slim washer to stop the stud from spinning. Planning in taking the wing mirror back off.

This is where I need your help!!

Have any of use stripped the main mirror assembly off of the wing mirror where it allows it to be unfolded & folded out? Is there a way of getting the locking nut off & back on again? If I can get it off I’ll try get the stud welded back on.

I’m planning on getting the right hand side painted & the bonnet & 2 wings done then get the bumpers done at a later stage. But I could have to take the wing mirror off depending on colour if I’d need to go into the left hand front door or not.

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