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Agreed--Very annoying

I was actually thinking of posting a list of "annoyances" to see if there are any solutions out there, this issue being one of them. (Side note--I do really like my 08 C70, but there are a few quirks).

Windows--Yep, 08 is the same and very annoying--windows all up (even if they start out down) etc. Note--there is a possible solution I think--check out mods4cars.com These guys do after market modules for convertibles that allow things like one touch open/close, open/close from your remote etc. The problem--they don't have a C70 to work on/test with. I've offered my car, but they are out in California. Near LA I believe--anybody have a C70 out there that could work with these guys?

Speaking of windows--anybody get your windows tinted? I know they say don't role your windows down for like 48 hours after the tint is applied--what about the little up/down the car does when you open/close the car door every time?

Saw another post noting how dead this place is, I agree! Lets pick up the postings folks! I'll do my part.
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