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Windows up when top is down?!

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When I put the top down on my MY09 the last thing that happens is that all the windows go up. I find this really annoying as 99.9% of the time if the top is down so are my windows! Someone told me that earlier models did not do this. The windows either went down with the top or stayed down if they were already down. Does anyone know why Volvo programs the windows to go up after the top goes down? Can they be reprogrammed to go down?
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On my '07, the windows go up as the last step in the process of lowering or raising the top.
Re: Windows up when top is down?! (JonC70)

Same with my 08. One button push "All windows down", though (below the single window controls on the drivers side door).

I think it's another one of those quirky Volvo 'safety' things.

Not sure if this can be 'reprogrammed' to go down and stay down via Vadis download - but will check when I have my 1st (and last) Service....along with turning off my DRL's.

Up here in the PNW - still a bit cool for "full-on" top down/windows down cruising. Rear Seat windscreen helps (along with seat heaters and heat on Master Blaster setting).

2O top down days and counting here...
Re: Windows up when top is down?! (tomkat73)

'09 does not have the one button down feature anymore either. Both front windows have the auto down but you have to hold down the buttons for the rear windows. This is annoying. Somebody at Volvo would have to explain how the windows up is somehow safer. What is Vadis? Still cool in the Philly area too but some days are going to the mid 50's so the top goes down! Can't wait for the warmer weather!
Agreed--Very annoying

I was actually thinking of posting a list of "annoyances" to see if there are any solutions out there, this issue being one of them. (Side note--I do really like my 08 C70, but there are a few quirks).

Windows--Yep, 08 is the same and very annoying--windows all up (even if they start out down) etc. Note--there is a possible solution I think--check out mods4cars.com These guys do after market modules for convertibles that allow things like one touch open/close, open/close from your remote etc. The problem--they don't have a C70 to work on/test with. I've offered my car, but they are out in California. Near LA I believe--anybody have a C70 out there that could work with these guys?

Speaking of windows--anybody get your windows tinted? I know they say don't role your windows down for like 48 hours after the tint is applied--what about the little up/down the car does when you open/close the car door every time?

Saw another post noting how dead this place is, I agree! Lets pick up the postings folks! I'll do my part.
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Re: Agreed--Very annoying (weatherman)

I had no problem with the "little up / down" after I had my windows tinted. I had the dealer include it as part of the new car purchase, and it was completed B4 I picked the car up. I'm not sure how the dealt with the 48 hr. rule (I've heard the same thing, and dealt with it on a few other cars I've owned.
This is just over 2 yrs. (took delivery 12-2007) and have had no issues with the tint.
Oh, and by the way, my 2007 has the seperate "ALL DOWN" button, but I do agree, it is strange that they end in the up position. I personnaly like the windows down when the top is down. With the tint, it can look overly obvious when the windows are up and top down.

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Re: Windows up when top is down?! (JonC70)

VADIS is the Volvo software download network your dealer uses for updates, etc. Lots of different codes (my local dealer hooked up to VADIS to download code to turn off my DRL's on my '05 OSD V50 T5 AWD) and software fixes (radio, a/c, etc.).

Haven't brought my '08 C70 in for first and only paid Factory Scheduled Maintenance yet - but will ask about the "roll down/stay down window thingy when the top goes down" when I do....along with turning off my DRL's so I can upgrade to aftermarket HID Bi-Xenon headlights.

Curious that MY 07 & 08's (06's too?) have 1 button down for all windows - and '09's don't (you guys get free FSM and Bluetooth though!). Windows go down with one push (guess I can live with that)...but I have to press and hold the 1 button up! What's UP with that? (Pun intended)
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Re: Windows up when top is down?! (tomkat73)

IMO I believe the hold for the all up window feature we have is due to safety. If it was to be set like the down, where you push & release for all windows down, they would consider that to not have complete control, and someone or something could get caught and pinched in the process of the windows going up. As you're probably aware, the single button for up / down works with the top up, and in those situations, it could be dangerous to not be in control of the up feature. This is just my opinion.
Re: Windows up when top is down?! (SS 07C70)

On my 08 C70 - using the 'regular' window controls - it's one button push for driver or passenger window DOWN...or UP - whether the top is up or down.

I think something got lost in Swedish translation. I give up. I'll ask when I take Tomkat III in for service...but doubt that my dealer would know of a software/VADIS "fix" for an annoying "safety" feature.
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