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So last saturday night my passenger side window wouldn't rollback up, only managing to get 2/3 back up. So I contacted my local A1 Volvo man, Intertellar, and he quickly diagnoses it as the blue clips. Ordered them on monday, came in yesterday.

So once I opened the door up the failed clip wasn't even on its track (track that is attached to window that blue clip slides in), so I replaced put it back in the track, and put it back in. tried it out first by going all the way down, and what do you know, the blue clip came out of the track when i rolled it further down.

so i take it back apart and do it all over again, except this time i take more notice of what the window looks like in the door from the top view.

my worst fear was realized, the window ground against something and got nicked a bit and a small crack in it, and the window is way out of the guides on the side of the door that it runs up and down in. I have no clue how to undo what I screwed up, one side is in the grooves and the other side is sitting on the outside edge of the guide (on the exterior side). I just love how it could've very easily been a $15 dollar and 1 hour fix, but by messing around with the window I managed to completely get it out of whack.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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