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Hi all,

Long term subscriber here from Sydney, Australia. I've had a 2011 V60 T6 R-Design with Polestar tune since 2012 (it was a dealer demonstrator, we got the V60 a lot earlier than the U.S. strangely), and overall love the car. Have thought a few times about trading in for a later model but Volvo prices are stupid down here and the depreciation is like falling off a cliff. My wife has an XC60 T6 R-Design, also with Polestar tune, and I'd be hard pressed to pry it out of her hands as she loves it to bits.

Anyway, as my V60 is now getting on a bit in years (like me :p ), some gremlins are starting to appear; the most recent of which relates to the front door glass. Specifically, when the glass is raised or lowered, there is a "creaking" noise and the speed of the window seems slower than earlier in the car's life; and there is also a weird "crack" noise that comes from the window when driving over bumps or potholes (this is the driver's/right hand side door as we drive on the left down under :) I've also noticed there are some fine scratches on the inside of the window (fortunately they look like they are in the tint film rather than the glass itself) - a collection of vertical scratches situated roughly in the horizontal middle of the window.

The "crack" noise occurs irrespective of whether the door is held ajar while driving or if the window is up or down.

I've got a copy of VIDA and went through the repair and diagnostics section today but couldn't find anything specific relating to cleaning or adjustment (I'm assuming it's something to do with the regulator or window channels), and I'm finding zero references for this problem on P3's here on Swedespeed, other forums, or the internet in general - so I thought I'd post this question here to see if anyone has come across this issue and how they dealt with it. I'm hoping it's just a matter of removing the regulator and lubricating or adjusting in some way.

I guess these cars aren't old enough yet to have built up a catalog of issues like the earlier models, so hopefully someone may have had a similar issue to my car that can shed some light on it. I'd like to have a go at fixing it myself rather than taking it to the dealer or an independent, but that may need to be the next stop.

Cheers guys and thanks in advance!
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