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NOTE: In The Spirit Of: T'was The Night Before Christmas...

T'is the dawn of the holidays and all around town,

Shoppers are bustling - for "treasures" abound.

This hasn't been your typical year,

And celebrating the season is a reason for cheer!

So, two Swedish icons joined one renowned store,

To package the ultimate gift for an entire family of four.

In catalogues since October, now to FAO Schwartz retailers what should appear,

But a Volvo V70 T5 wagon brimming with Brio gear - ( minus the "Jolly Guy" and his "Reindeer").

The sweepstake is open to all shoppers who enter

When the drawing is done late December, who knows the winner.

For sure, some lucky person will be selected,

Then it's 7 days/7 nights to Sweden to see first-hand how their holiday gifts are made - then most importantly, collected.

Once arriving back home, there'll be a delivery to their door:

The premier family wagon,...filled with the finest crafted toys,...from the world's ultimate toy store - as a holiday celebration,...who could ask for anything more.

BRIO® was founded in 1884 by Ivar Bengtsson in Osby, in the south of Sweden. He left the company to his three sons and the name BRIO was introduced. BRIO is short for the brothers Ivarsson of Osby. The brothers started to produce wooden toys, which turned out to be a success. Today BRIO still has its head office in Osby, Sweden, but there are BRIO-companies in ten countries and BRIO toys are sold in another thirty countries all over the world. BRIO® branded products are targeted mainly at infants and young children and include Wooden Railway, BRIO Friends, Builder, Ambi, Infant Developmental and BRIO Outdoor. www.briotoy.com

Founded in 1862, FAO Schwarz has long been recognized as the world's ultimate toy store. The company has consistently delivered exclusive, unusual and trend-setting merchandise. Its stores, catalogues and online store (www.fao.com) have been designed to interact with customers in a manner that distinguishes it from other retailers and involves customers with merchandise. The company currently operates 40 locations nationwide, including flagship stores in Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Orlando and San Francisco. FAO also produces The Ultimate Toy Catalogue, a direct mail catalogue that is distributed to more than six million consumers annually. For more information about FAO Schwarz, visit the company's Web site at www.fao.com.
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