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Who makes the best rotors?

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I've been shopping for rotors and pads and found some on E-bay:

Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors and Mintax pads. The current bid is $105 for two front rotors and a set of pads. Does this sound like a good deal? Any opinions on these brands?
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I prefer slotteds. That's a personal thing I guess, but I go into my theories on it in our Project 854R. We have Powerslots from IPD, but I think there are other slotted choices out there and Kai knows a guy who'll do it to a regular set of rotors.
same here, after I read the project 850, I did the same thing. I upgraded my rotors, to the Powerslot rotors by IPD. They stop really powerfully... and have lasted me for a while.
Check out Eurosport Tuning as well, I think that they have some great products. The might have some holiday deals going on as well. Like the others have mentioned, I would go with slotted rotors over cross-drilled.

EuroSport Tuning

Eurosport Tuning is a good place to deal with, you will like both the service and price. I will be putting on slotted rotors, and you could always get both in one disc.
Has anyone used the Carbon-Fiber/Semi-Metallic pads from EuroSport Tuning?
If you are serious about buying the cross-drilled rotors, I would highly recommend sending them to http://www.frozenrotors.com prior to installing them. My father had cross-drilled rotors on his XR4Ti & had stress cracks at the holes within a year of use.
Just something to look into.
I have installed the drilled and slotted rotors as found on eurosporttuning. I drive the car VERY HARD as well as have 6K+ miles on the brake job. By this time with the OEM setup I had vibrations! I used the OEM pads from Volvo as well as their silicone goo and additional rear pad shims. The brakes are solid and feel better than most of the LMSC NASCAR cars I messed with in the past. The price is good as is the fact that the parts are not too far out of OEM spec. It allows you to sleep better at night knowing that the OEM base was used along with the DOT approval and quality standards. Brakes are no-joke. Don't play around with them too much.

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