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Re: Which year C70 should I get?? (Hockeychamp)

Another difference from 2001 to 2001 was the front grill (went from chrome to eggcrate which I like better). I would go for a 2001 or 2002 HPT model with low miles....the 2002 model should still be covered w/ a 4 year/50k mile Volvo warranty...or try to find one w/ extended warranty....The difference in price you'll pay for a 2004 model is too much and these cars unfortunately depreciate a lot. I have a 5-speed and think it's a lot more fun to drive than the automatic C70. Also, make sure you get one with the dolby pro-logic surround system (there should be a center channel speaker on the dash, the stereo says SC-901). Good luck!

98 C70 HPT Coupe, 5-speed, 18" BBS Tritons, SC-901, tint
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