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Which brand of rotors

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I am in need of new rotors and would like to know if cross drilled and/or slotted rotors are worth the extra price. I drive in town, no real highway traffic, though there are a couple expressways that allow me to get up to 80+mph. Any ideas? I'm willing to go OEM if necessary, but figure as long as I'm replacing them, I'd see if there were any better ones out there...

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This was an article we recently did on our Project 854R. It contains a pretty good description of why you'd want slotted over drilled, unless the rotors were forged with the holes in them already like Porsche does.
Like George said, slotted rotors are the best way to go. I am having a warping problem on the front rotors of my 960 as well. Next time I am going with IPD Brembo rotors. Unfortunatly, IPD doesn't make slotted rotors for the 900 series that I know of.

I know some guy who sells x-drilled, slotted, and silver plated brembo rotor for any car for a very good price.

Much better price than IPD's...if you compare what you get outta it. That's where I bought my rear ones...
Oh? Who are they? Can I get their web site, name, and number? Or is this a personal friend of yours?

After reading the post on the 850R and some other info I found, the slotted sounds like the way to go...However, I have found a couple places that recommend slotted AND drilled...are the cons to this the same as simply drilled rotors?

Eurosport has some slotted, drilled, and slotted/drilled for sale...(http://www.eurosporttuning.com/Brakes/brakes.html)
It's not really a shop, he's just got connection to get a hold of these blank rotors. All you have to do is to drill holes accordingly and do other processes to make it the way it is. His cost is low, and he's selling them at very reasonable price, too. He makes money, and we don't get ripped off.

No, he's not my friend....I just orded rotors from him that's all. Hehehe..I wish I get some kinda commission for helping him out like this. I'd just like to share good connection with others...

Email him, Wood, at [email protected]

Tell him to give you the make, year, model, and he usually can ship the same day after Paypal transaction.
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Originally posted by VolvoAddict:
Eurosport has some slotted, drilled, and slotted/drilled for sale.
Eurosport Tuning has some good looking stuff and prices! $68 doesn't seem that bad I guess for some good slotted rotors, that won't warp hopefully. They cover the 960/90''s series well.

Well I really don't want to go through the hassel of drilling holes in the rotors or putting slots on them...that's all I need is to be driving down the road and need to slow down but can't cause my rotors fall apart

I didn't see too much of a problem with their prices either Drew...Discount Auto Parts and NAPA told me $45 - $55 for the front and $35 - $45 for the rear...I figured for a couple extra bucks, it might be worth it...
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