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My 94 Volvo 850 non-turbo is in need of a fuel pump & sending unit, tank straps for the fuel tank, and a transmission neutral safety switch according to my local mechanic in Clearwater, BC, Canada. He has tried sourcing these parts without luck. Would appreciate hearing where other 850 owners get parts.

Originally posted this on the new members forum and only got a response for a US site by Oceans60R which doesn't ship to Canada:
Get a better mechanic. Better yet, get a Technician.
Here are the tank straps 6 & 7 http://volvopartslisle.com/assembly/...nnecting-Parts
If they can't source a fuel pump and a neutral safety switch I highly suspect they are on drugs. They are readily available.

Anyone have other sites you like for Canadian customers?

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Personally, I would recommend FCPEuro. Great list of parts for a great price, plus they offer a lifetime warranty.

There are a few other vendors to consider too, especially if you're going for a performance build. iPd, Viva Performance, and Euro Sport Tuning.

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Here's what I'm showing per your VIN:

Fuel Pump/ Sending Unit part # 9480152 - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products?keywords=9480152
LH Tank Strap part# 9463196 - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products?keywords=9463196
RH Tank Strap part # 9454593 - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-fuel-tank-strap-v70-850-9454593
Trans Neutral Switch part # 9466013 - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products?keywords=9466013

Additionally, if your a returning FCP customer you can use one of our Loyalty Discount Codes:

• $10 off $199+ Use code: y6qw72kt
• $25 off $399+ Use code: mv5kq39s
• $50 off $799+ Use code: 9k32xdw7
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• $100 off $1199+ Use code: dch8p94m
• $200 off $1999+ Use code: 2b55x9pw

I hope that helps!
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