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Where did everyone go?

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Uhm, hello...is there anyone out there? It has been dead here this weekend, am I the only person not out playing with their Volvos? Man I'm gonna be pi$$ed if there was a Swedespeed party and I wasn't invited
Hope I didn't scare everyone away...then again if I did, I could have this whole forum to myself. Hell, I could reply to my own questions. Hummmmm,Neat
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Hey Prospero, I think we passed the initial flash of our birth, and are now slow until we start to become discovered by other Volvo owners out there.

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve that will help bring this on over the next few weeks, though we figure it'll be slow here for the next few months. That said, the site's only 3-weeks old, so we're excited to watch it grow.
Well, I must say that the amount of registered members is impressive. More and more each day. You know,I had a thought about making some swedespeed.com license plate frames. Be kinda cool for the members to have and hold and still remain professional looking.
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Yes, that's on the docket as well as vinyl decals. I'd really like to do the Swedespeed license plate frames with three colors (yellow and blue in the circular Swedish flag part of the logo, and brushed silver on the rest of it.

We'll probably go monochromatic on the decals as our practice has been to send them out free of charge to those who send us a self addressed stamped envelope.

Good ideas though, I forgot about license plate frames.-G
Finally, someone with taste! I like the idea, count me in for one of the decals. As far as the plate frame, do you have a mfg. in mind?
I'm probably going to go with the Audiworld source. He seems to be the best, though I need to get 3-color pricing. He also casts the mold with your logo molded into the plastic, sort of raised out of it, where as others tend to just print it on a generic plastic frame.
Sounds like some quality stuff there George. Please let me know when I can put money in to get a few.
Yes, Audiworld's are pretty nice. I need to go with a 500 quantity minimum, so I'll be waiting until after Christmas to do it until I have that kind of cash to throw at it.
If I can help, please let me know.
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