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Where can i find the Aftermarket Front Spoiler????

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Hey guys, I am new here and I have a 95 Volvo 850 Turbo. I was wondering where i can find the aftermarket front spoiler for my car. I have seen a few pictures of them on volvos and I like the way they look alot. Any information would be appreciated.
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Hey Volvoman, check an article on our front page called One Fast Box. It's a yellow 850 T-5R, or you can check the galleries in our Resource section for pics of One Fast Box or our own Project 854R. These cars have the OEM Volvo chin spoiler, which is a clean look but much more aggressive than the stock one. You can buy these at your Volvo dealer, and most likely order them painted to match your car.
Just FYI, the T-5 style front spoilers do not come already painted to match a vehicle. Someone else will need to paint it. The reason the dealer gave me for not coming pre-painted was "there were not enough T-5's produced to warrant Volvo to produce the T-5 version of the spoiler already painted." Since there were more regular 850's produced, you can order them pre-painted.
Also, some of the T5's have small round fog lights and some of them don't. Those two front bumpers might have different part numbers, but I am not sure exactly.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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